Entry: And So... Saturday, December 16, 2006


Thank you for your words of congratulations, and err, disbelief. But come on, give this Bitch Goddess a break. I've been miserable for too long.

I've been deliriously happy. I still am. I think.

The last few weeks have been a revelation of all sorts. That the impossibility of meeting a match is not that impossible after all. And the funny thing is, he's even more than I expected or wished, or ever wanted.

He's really great, y'all. And I wish I can write about him. But this is something I seriously want to work on, and I would like to keep to myself.

And just because I'm happy doesn't mean I'll no longer write. This blog's tone might perhaps change, for once.

We shall see. I'm equally curious to find out.


December 17, 2006   02:42 PM PST
you go girl! oh, btw married life's wonderful. :)

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