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Wednesday, November 29, 2006
No More Drama

K's Choice

If I could look beyond your face
And photograph your hidden place
Would I find you smiling in the picture

I don't know what you want
Because you don't know,
So what's the point of asking

You're almost happy
Almost content
But your head hurts

Far too many ways to go
We learn so much but never know
Where to look
Or when we should stop looking

I can love the whole of you.
The poetry I stole from you
And hide inside my stomach

You're almost happy
Almost content
But your head hurts

It's easy to get lost in you
And fall asleep inside of you
I want to return to you
A reason to be here
A reason to be here

No I don't know what you want
And you don't know
So what's the point of asking

You're almost happy
Almost content
But your head hurts

Posted at 03:02 am by bitchgoddess

Neil Namoro
December 2, 2006   01:13 PM PST
aww.. one of my favorite K's Choice songs.. syet..
December 1, 2006   12:38 AM PST
Haha, yeah. Almost Happy by K's Choice. :p
November 30, 2006   12:19 PM PST
Do you have music to go with that? Very rhythmatic...
Crosby Bond
November 30, 2006   07:23 AM PST
Its like chasing wind. You feel it but you cant have it. Everything under the sun has happened before. So listen..listen to reason. Study the cycle , everything starts over, its bound to. So why be almost happy. Look at the years that remain if youre fortunate to even have that. Live life , be merry but be careful of your intentions. Its cruel sometimes that we dont get to enjoy what we have because we cant see past ourselves. But i suppose that's what makes artists great. But then again, who will remember...

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